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Interior, Exterior & Photo Studio Renderings (Stills)

Still images can be finished in different styles. From simple sketches and designs, line drawings with flat color and roughly textured (semi-realistic) to complete photorealistic finishes. In this case, along with a studied lighting and appropriate choice of POV, for a visually stunning result you need to implement 3D models of vegetation, furniture and accessories with high quality details.


From a simple walk/fly-through to a complex simulation or TV ad, HD animations are a great tool that expand on still images. We are able to generate contents in a series of formats such as 1080p, DVD, Vimeo/Youtube standards and for mobile devices. We offers high quality 3D animations with optional music, sound effects, scriptwriting and narration. We offer all our animations in 720p HD format with the possibility of going to full 1080 HD.


3D Animation tentative workflow:


1. Setup the model using your CAD Data or your 3D model & confirmation;

2. Collect ideas and develop the storyboard together with you.

3. Create the camera paths, including camera movement, time control, visual effects, music effect, and etc. (preliminary conceptual design)

4. Check timing in a wired low res draft version.

5. Prepare the scene: adding trees, cars, lights and environment for your approval.

6. Render animation stills/clips (Render Farm)

7. Output the final animation.

Still Images Workflow

Our production process for these kind of jobs is quite simple:


1. Tell Us About Your Project. Our project manager will discuss your concepts, and look over any plans, CAD data, 3d models, photo references or sketches. We then provide you a quote and proposal for the project.

2. Review Your First Draft. We create a first draft of your project and present it to you for your feedback. This is where you can see your vision take form and make any major changes or corrections.

3. Fine-Tune Your Images. We work with you on as many revisions as it takes until you are completely satisfied.

4. Your Final Images are ready. We send you the final images in your required resolution and format.


Stunning Images & accuracy to detail

Using technical data provided by clients (autoCAD drawings or 3D files) we can generate a set of high quality images.

Pricing is not dependent on the amount of images. The size and complexity of the scene to be created will determine the cost. We provide as many images as are necessary to show the scene or product.

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